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March 2019

The Metropolitan Centre is a downtown gem. The modern renovation of the building mixed with the historic charm of the ballroom creates a wonderful dynamic. That Little Italian Kitchen is the official caterer of the Ballroom and offer affordable lunches Wed-Fri during the work week. As far as events go, there is a lot to offer. They host everything from corporate events to weddings.

Megan Kelley-Davidson

July 2019

We hosted a retirement party here for 75 guests, and it was incredible! The food was awesome! The venue was perfect! The service was wonderful! The parking and accessibility was great! And the pricing was a good value for all that we got. We received dozens of fantastic compliments from our guests. I definitely recommend it!! In fact, we loved it so much, we're planning another event there!

Dianne Williams

September 2019

My daughter and son-in-law's wedding ( ON THE ROOFTOP AMAZING ) & reception was held on Aug 24 2019 and I would like to commend Teresa and Mike for all their help with the reception planning! Also, the staff did an excellent job of setting up the venue and staying on top of everything to keep our guests comfortable! The FOOD WAS DELICIOUS !!!! and the !!!! Staff were upbeat and friendly, which was nice! After the reception, members of the staff were very helpful in assisting us I appreciated them ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Mr & Mrs. Atwood (parents of the bride)

Wally Atwood

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